Options for Pest Control in the Home

Homes are attractive to all types of ants, insects, spiders, rodents, and wildlife. There is warmth, dark spaces to hide, food, holes and insulation for nests, burrows, and cocoons. The yard is a great place to live as well. Moles, chipmunks, squirrels, and skunks have plenty of room, plenty of food, and ground cover. So, what methods will homeowners select for pest control fort wayne?


Homeowners can attempt a do-it-yourself (DIY) project with chemical products found in department and home improvement stores. Traps for rodents can be purchased, baits for ants and roaches are available, and natural elements will all repel bugs and pests. Mint, for example, will repel spiders. Electronic devices are designed to either zap flying insects or send out sound waves that cannot be heard by humans but deter pests from making your home their home.

Humane traps are available as well, but plan to pay more for those than the basic snap wire traps that kill rodents. The problem with DIY options is that most of those products are specific to species of insects and pests. An ant spray may be effective for one type of ant but not have any effect on the carpenter ants in the home. There are thousands of ant species, so the chances of getting the right spray are slim.

A Company

Finding a professional pest control company that offers many pest control options is a more cost-effective and efficient way of dealing with the situation. Professionals can identify the pests and get rid of them accordingly. Follow-up services are often included in the estimate. Periodic inspections are also offered to ensure pests do not return. Most companies have regular chemicals available and all-natural solutions for homes with pets, children, or eco-friendly owners. An experienced company can accommodate the needs and preferences of homeowners. Go to BensBugs.us for more details.


Dwindling habitat due to urban sprawl, scarce food sources, and light pollution are all drawing more and more wildlife to people’s yards and homes. Getting rid of these pests takes more time because traps need to be set, checked, and re-set. It is difficult to know how many critters are burrowed or nested in the same yard. To deal with this situation, pricing is typically based on times the traps are checked, wildlife that has to be re-located, and the type of wildlife being trapped. Homeowners can visit Bens Bugsus for examples of plans and costs for wildlife control.



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